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The Undeniable Truth About The MCA Scam

Ok, so you are right here, right now at this very moment because you’ve seen the hype in some way that revolves around the MCA Scam phenomena.

Before investing your hard-earned $40 into this company, you want to know if there’s any truth to MCA being a Scam.

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First off, I commend you for doing research on this company. It obviously should be the first priority in determining if MCA really is a Scam.

And from personal experience, I would highly suggest taking a deeper look before signing at the dotted line. It’s the only way to know if MCA is truly a Scam or not.

I decided to do you, the reader of this blog entry, a favor..

I decided to take the MCA Scam bullet for you.

I had to put this company to the test because I personally wanted to see if MCA was a Scam myself before giving the company a thumbs up and referring anyone to it.

I can attest to the handful of times that MCA has helped me out as a customer. I knew that if MCA was a Scam, it could easily be found out with how reliable their product was.

I easily found out as a customer that MCA’s product reliability couldn’t be questioned..

Especially after being stranded on the road without any other way to get home. MCA came to my rescue.

It also boosted my confidence in sharing the MCA product line and abolished any idea that MCA could be a Scam.

MCA pays its associates for simply referring its service packages to others. They’ve chosen to pay associates for successful marketing efforts instead of dumping dollars into enormous advertising costs. It’s just that simple.

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MCA would rather pay you as an associate over sharing their profits with high ticket advertising agencies, which is very honorable of the company. So far, I can’t see any way that MCA could be linked to a Scam.

It actually puzzles me why anyone would call MCA a Scam without further investigating the company first. Just the slightest amount of research would tell you that MCA has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

And if MCA was a Scam, how could it have gotten away with 60 plus years of fraudulent business activity without being on the Federal Trade Commission’s radar? Hmmm..

A legitimate company would try their very best to remain FTC compliant to continue thriving and to also maintain a reputable reputation within the business community.

And that’s exactly what I’ve found MCA to be – Not a Scam.

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So, with that said, case closed. I have completely dissolved the whole MCA Scam theory and you can now make a more informed decision as to if you should make MCA your home without the negative idea lingering that it’s a Scam.


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