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The MCA Compensation Plan Offically Explained

Looking to get started with MCA and wanting to know how much you could potentially earn?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because over the next 3 minutes I’m going to break down the MCA Compensation plan so it’s easy to understand and so you’ll know

ahead of time how much you can potentially earn the moment you link arms with this amazingly time tested and proven company.

I love explaining the MCA Compensation Plan because of the simplicity of it. So no college degree required here. It’s simple, yet very powerful as you apply it to your life.

So let’s get right into it head first…

In the MCA Compensation Plan, you can earn on four levels.

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The First Level of the MCA Compensation Plan Explained

The very first level is completely based on your own production. This is the level where you personally generate sales. On this level of the MCA Compensation Plan you will

earn $80 to $90 direct deposit commissions for you and your family.

MCA will pay you $80 commissions plus sales incentives for 29 sales and under that were earned in one week. But that’s not all!

It gets even better!

If you generate 30 plus sales within the weekly pay period, you will receive an additional $10 for each sale. So that’s why I say $80-$90 for each sale.

The only difference in this part of the MCA Compensation plan is one sale. It’s the difference between 29 and 30.

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If you can push yourself to make one more sale, then you will qualify for the additional $10 bonus.

Let’s take a moment to see how sweet the MCA Compensation Plan really is on the first level..

So imagine with me for a moment if you were to earn 10 sales your very first week..

That’s 10 x $80 = $800 + sales incentives.

Pretty Awesome, right??

On the diagram just below, notice how the commissions increase in the second column. So you’re not just receiving $80 per sale. You will also receive sales incentives along with the $80 dollar payments.


The 2nd Level of The MCA Compensation Plan Explained

Those that you’ve directly recruited on to your sales team, will earn you a $6 sales override the moment they start producing and making sales as well. This is the

second level of the MCA Compensation Plan.

So just imagine if One-hundred $6 sales overrides were generated on your behalf in one week. That’s a whopping $600.00 that comes to you and this is strictly based on the

efforts of those that are on your team on the MCA Compensation Plan’s second level.

But wait right there!

It gets even better because you’re still in the game. Remember how I said the MCA Compensation Plan will pay you four levels deep?

The 3rd Level of The MCA Compensation Plan Explained

There’s two more levels that you qualify to get paid on. And that’s where the third level of the MCA Compensation Plan comes in..

Whenever a sale is generated on this level, you’ll earn $1.32. So imagine with me here for a moment..

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As your team is growing, it is very possible to earn 100 sales on this level.

100 sales x $1.32 = $132 dollars that’s funneled right back up to you.

This is what I love about the MCA Compensation plan because you can earn money for yourself and your family even when you’re not putting in as much work.

You can be on vacation earning income like this while your team members are getting results for themselves and You.

The 4th and Final Level of The MCA Compensation Plan

Now the forth level of the MCA Compensation plan is identical to the third level. So I’m not going to explain how it works. Just know that you’re still earning here as well.

Be sure to check out the diagram for the MCA Compensation Plan just below so you’ll have a visual understanding of how much you can potentially earn.

It will also show you in detail how the team structure will look as your team is growing as well.


Click Here to see this plan in video format


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