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The Curse of Program Hopping

Today, I’ll be taking a moment to cover the importance of sticking with one business opportunity when starting your online marketing journey.

You see, there are a lot of shiny objects out there called business opportunities in the online marketing industry.

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These business opportunities come signed, sealed and delivered as shiny objects.

Shiny objects are designed to get your attention, wet your appetite and close the sale – close you.

Shiny objects are the things that you just have to touch. They make you feel like you have to join them because they look so great and their comp plans sound so good.

Something in your mind says,

This is what’s going to make me rich..I’ve finally found it!

And that’s the exact moment that you’ve found yourself trapped..

Bamboozled by another business opportunity.

You see, the key is not to chase every shiny object that looks

appealing for the moment.

However, the point is to join one opportunity, choose a marketing system or website to promote the opportunity and then choose an effective marketing strategy.

Not just an effective marketing strategy, but one that fits you.

Me personally, I’ve chosen YouTube and blogging as my marketing strategies simply because those strategies are great fits for me and they’re very effect if applied properly.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t add other opportunities to your portfolio later on.

I’m simply saying to,

  • Choose one opportunity.
  • Set up a marketing system for the opportunity – a system that will capture leads, show a sales presentation and follow up automatically via email.
  • Choose one marketing strategy that you’d like to employ to get your opportunity message in front of hungry prospects  – blogging, YouTube, Facebook etc.
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It’s just that simple. Consistently earn money with one opportunity before jumping into another. It can’t get any simpler than that.

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