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Motor Club of America’s MCA Affiliate Program – Here’s the Breakdown

Motor Club of America has an awesome MCA affiliate program that pays it’s MCA affiliates $80 to $90 commissions just for referring the MCA products to potential customers or MCA affiliates.

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You’re probably wondering why the MCA affiliate program doesn’t pay a set commission of just $80 for each referral, right?

Let me simply explain the MCA affiliate program to you. When you as an MCA affiliate generates 29 sales per pay period in the MCA affiliate program, you will be paid an $80

commission for each of those sales that you’ve generated plus sales incentives.

When you generate 30 plus sales per week within the MCA affiliate program, you will not only receive $80 commissions and sales incentives for each sale,

but you will also receive an additional $10 for each sale in the MCA affiliate program on top of the $80 commissions.

Pretty cool, huh?

Let’s take a look at the MCA affiliate program commission structure below..



Another awesome deal about the MCA affiliate program are the sales overrides that you could potentially receive as your team is producing.

There are four levels that you can earn on with the MCA affiliate program. On the first level is where you:

  1. Will generate $80-$90 commissions. This is entirely based on the results that you personally produce.
  2. On the second level of the MCA affiliate program is where you’ll earn $6 sales overrides for the production of your team members on this level.
  3. On the third level of the MCA affiliate program, you will earn $1.32 for every sale generated on this level.
  4. On the forth level, you’ll also receive a $1.32 for every sale generated on this level.
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Let’s take a look to see what this looks like below..

Now that you see how the MCA affiliate program works and you know what your earning potential is, What are you waiting for? Click following link to get more information:

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