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Choosing An Online Marketing Strategy

Choosing an online marketing strategy can be rather difficult being new to online marketing and without the proper guidance. I’ve found through trial and error and constant failure that, the online marketing strategy that you choose has to do with who you are as a person more than you may think.

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When choosing an online marketing strategy, you may have to sit down and think about who you are naturally. What is your innate gift? And as you become a more advanced marketer, you can and most likely will branch out and choose another online marketing strategy. But when it comes to online marketing as a newbie, you MUST choose an online marketing strategy that is a direct expression of who you are. This brings me back to the question, who are you naturally?



Do you like to write?

Do you like making videos?

Do you like designing banners and advertising them on traffic exchanges?

These are just a few examples. But, whatever you do with little to no effort, this should be the online marketing strategy that you should choose.

You can try other online marketing strategies if you’d like. But I would suggest you sitting down with a piece of paper and listing off things that you’re good at and that you like doing. The reason why is because the online marketing strategy that you choose will very much revolve around those things. You can effortlessly promote anything when you’re doing it in a way that’s enjoyable to you. If you’re a writer, your online marketing strategy might be blogging. If you’re very talkative and love engaging people, video marketing might be more ideal for you. If you love taking pictures, instagram or facebook free or paid marketing methods may be more ideal for you.

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So in conclusion, the online marketing strategy that you choose has a lot to do with what you do naturally from day to day. Once you’ve figured this out you are golden.


2 thoughts on “Choosing An Online Marketing Strategy”

    • You’re most welcome Annie.
      I’ve held an interest in online marketing for some time. I’ve tried paid marketing methods and that can be a little tricky especially if you’re on a budget.
      After hearing inspiring testimonials on how blogging works like a charm, I would say blogging is my fav now since I write naturally. I also plan to crack the code on youtube as well.
      Organic traffic is a really good way to start especially since you don’t have to come out of pocket so much. It’s very effective as well. Just blog and go to the bank. I like that idea a lot.

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