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About the Author of Steph the Mobile Mogul

Moving forward, I, Steph The Mobile Mogul will briefly share my journey and how I can help you develop your interest in internet marketing..

First and foremost, welcome to my blog. It is my greatest hope that you will not leave here empty handed.

Remember, this is the brief version of the start of my internet entrepreneurial journey. I have a more extensive version of my story here on my blog as well.

My Back Story

If I were to pinpoint when my journey first started, I first gained interest in advertising towards the end of high school. However, I didn’t know much about internet marketing until a few years after graduating.

Don Lapre, a famous infomercial pitchman from the 90’s was the one who sparked my interest in advertising. I was way too young to purchase any of his offers, but he was placed in that part of my life for a reason – to plant a seed.

Little did I know, advertising would be a subject that I would revisit over and over in various parts of my life.

So I took action a few years after high school and purchased an email blast to a Direct Tv offer. It failed miserably and I lost $300.00 in the process.

It was my first step in internet marketing and after taking a $300.00 loss, it would be the last risk that I’d take in that regard for a long time.

So I worked multiple jobs including a door to doors sales job and went to college on and off until finally completing a BBA.

And yes, my major was

I didn’t really see a breakthrough on the internet until after going through a few life hurdles and getting the short-end of the stick from low paying jobs.

I began to finally see results from a $40 program that I was a part of about four years after joining. Commissions came in while I slept at night.

What Can You Expect From Me though?

It is my greatest desire for you to avoid all the pitfalls that I experienced before finally arriving where I am.

You are one of the many people who want to succeed online, but maybe you’re scared or have given up like I have numerous times.

And it’s either because you may have been ripped off, left high and dry or just haven’t found a method that works.

Forget what you’ve been told. The secret sauce is in the method you use. And if you’re looking for online success, you’ve finally come to the right place.

I will reveal exactly what you need to know without having you pay thousands of dollars that the greedy gurus charge.

That literally disgusts me.

Your success will revolve around a simple little blog, just like the one you’re reading right now.

I could go on for days. (Sorry, I can be a little long winded lol).

But I want you to have complete access to the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing training. The best part is that it’s free to get started..

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